• T35B LED Sports Light
  • T35B LED Sports Light
  • T35B LED Sports Light
  • T35B LED Sports Light
  • T35B LED Sports Light
  • T35B LED Sports Light
  • Sports Light - T35B LED Sports Light
  • Sports Light - T35B LED Sports Light
  • Sports Light - T35B LED Sports Light
  • Sports Light - T35B LED Sports Light
  • Sports Light - T35B LED Sports Light
  • Sports Light - T35B LED Sports Light

Winner T35B LED Sports Light

1.Heavy-Duty, lightweight and durable die-cast design

2.Compact design with no expose electronics or wiring

3.As high as 150lm/W system light efficiency

4.High level of lighting quality, flicker free

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  Winner T35B LED Sports Light

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The Winner Sports & Flood Light is ideal for sports field lighting, back yard sports courts, parks, signs, parking lot lighting, and other general applications where sports lighting may come into use. It has wattages ranging from 300 watt to 500 watts. With different beam spreads available, we can adjust your LED sports light fixture output to eliminate dark sports on your sports field.



480V high voltage driver

SPD protection

Laser aiming device



Product Details


  • 1.Please take out the fixture from the package.

  • 2.Please use 5pcs M4*8 screws to install the shading board on the fixture.

  • 3.Please install the fixture onto the pole, fasten the screws.

  • 4.Please loosen the screws on the both sides of fixture, adjust the beam angle of fixture. (Please do not loosen the screws totally)

  • 5.Please connect the fixture with AC100-277V electricity.

Area of application

Sports & Other outdoor lighting

  • Sports

  • Parking lots

  • Roads and streets

Standard lumen (150lm/W)
Model Nominal wattages (W) Nominal voltage Rated luminous efficacy (lm/w) Nominal luminous flux (lumen) Beam Angle LED Quantity CRI
T35B-300W 300W AC100~277V 50~60Hz 150±10 45000±3000 15°、30°、 60°、90° 176 PCS EMC 5050 >70
T35B-400W 400W 150±10 60000±4000 216 PCS EMC 5050
T35B-500W 500W 150±10 75000±5000 256 PCS EMC 5050
T35B-750W 750W 150±10 112500±5000 384 PCS EMC 5050
T35B-1000W 1000W 150±10 150000±5000 480 PCS EMC 5050
Electrical data Photometrical data
Operating frequency 47-63HZ Available light colors warm white;natural white; daylight white
Type of current AC100-277V 360V 480V Available color temperatures 3000K;4000K;5000K;6000K
Power factor λ >0.9 Color rendering index Ra >70
Efficiency in % >92% Standard deviation of color matching <5
Start time (0.2s / 0.5s / … ) 0.1S UGR (Unified Glare Rating) <27
Warm-up time to 60 % (1.5s / 2s / … ) 0.5S Available beam angles 15°、30°、60°、90°
Standards & Certification Temperatures & operating conditions
Type of protection IP65 Heatsink temperature 5~+70℃
Tested dielectric strength 3.75KVac Ambient temperature -30~+50℃
Safety features Open circuit protection
short circuit protection
overvoltage protection
Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Certificates DLC,UL,CE,ROHS    
Energy efficiency class A+ & A++    
Lifespan Features/Capabilities and additional product data
Rated nominal Lifetime 5 Years Base/Socket Directly wired
Switching cycles 100,000 times Dimmable 1-10V Dimmable,DALI Dimmable
Lumen maintenance at e.o.l. 70%    
Packing Information
Model Dimension(MM) CTN SIZE(CM) QT Y/ CT N Net Weight/pcs(kg) Gross Weight /CTN(kg)
T35B-300/400/500W Φ420X450 61*51*25 1PCS 13.8 14.7
T35B-750/1000W Φ600X700 89*71*27.5 1PCS 28.5 29.6

Dimension (mm)

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