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25th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

In 2020, FYTLED attended the 25th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition from 10th to 13th October, which brings us big surprise.

The exhibits mainly involves the hot selling products and new products, like 180lm/W and power adjustable highbay, up to 1600W and IP66 stadium light, IP66 and 160lm/W shoebox light, tool free maintenance street light, linkable and tool free wiring tri-proof light , etc. Additionally, the LED power driver(max.1200W, DALI, Class II, etc) and aluminum heat sink from our own brands were exhibited.

25th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Apart from the assembly factory, FYTLED established the other two subsidiaries for LED power driver and aluminum heat sink as mentioned above, brand Tomcarline(since 2016) and JYTLED(since 2019) respectively. In other words, FYTLED is able to not only assemble LED lights but also develop and manufacture the key components(led power driver and aluminum heat sink), which very rare LED suppliers in China achieves. Mr. Hong, the director from China Association of Lighting Industry, speaks highly of the FYTLED’s strong development.

Many visitors includes well-known brands like LEDVANCE, OSRAM and other foreign brands’ purchasing agent in China, who shared the their demands and expected the partnership. Thanks to the meetings with the visitors, we are able to master the market trend which is valuable for our product development and strategy making. Moreover, it brings us the cooperation prospects with new customers and well-known brands.

Come and join us, we FYTLED are confident to be a qualified supplier!

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