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Shenzhen FYTLED Company has resumed work and production

Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, many companies' production and operation activities were affected to some extent, but with the efforts of all our staff, FYTLED resumed work and production since February 10.

Shenzhen FYTLED Company has resumed work and production

By now, except for Wuhan city, the number of infection in the country has been controlled very low, and most areas are 0 new infection for many days. The epidemic situation is preventable and controllable. Traffic in various places has gradually returned to normal. More and more factories return to work and production. FYT now has 90% staff returned to work and we will hire more to ensure the production progress.

Shenzhen FYTLED Company has resumed work and production

In addition, in order to ensure stable production and delivery of orders on schedule, FYTLED are taking the following effective work.

First, focus on checking supply chain risks

FYTLED purchasing department keeps close contact with our suppliers, checking and evaluating their impact extent by the epidemic, to confirm their production time and delivery arrangements. At the same time, looking for new or back-up suppliers to release supplying pressure and improve stable supplying for materials is necessary during this period . FYTLED will also increase our safety stocks for materials to improve production efficiency.

Second, constant supplement of labor forces

Due to the impact of the epidemic, some laborers were unable to return to work on time, in short term, workers were inadequate for normal production. However, with the effective control of the epidemic, traffic control in many places has been cancelled, and the labor market has become active. FYTLED human resources department now is working hard to supplement production labors, and well arrange pre-job trainings. With such efforts, FYTLED’s production capacity is improved day by day. Hopefully we will return to normal production ability in April, and to meet lead time requirements from our customers.

Shenzhen FYTLED Company has resumed work and production

Third, pay more attention to logistics risks

At present, traffic blocking is still not released in some areas due to the epidemic situation. FYTLED logistics department pay close attention to local transportation and sea/air shipment situation. According to the production plan, we will prearrange well booking with our forwarder to ensure delivery on time.

Shenzhen FYTLED Company has resumed work and production

Fourth, cargo safety concern

So far, there is no evidence to show that packages or goods will carry the new type of coronary pneumonia virus. The WHO explicitly responded that "receiving packages from China is safe" and "restrictions on international trade are not recommended." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated in the announcement that "there is no evidence that the transmission of coronary pneumonia virus is related to imported goods, and there are no new cases of imported coronary pneumonia in the United States."

The outbreak is short-lived and we will always get better!

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