• T10C Linear High Bay
  • T10C Linear High Bay
  • T10C Linear High Bay
  • Linear High bay - T10C Linear High Bay
  • Linear High bay - T10C Linear High Bay
  • Linear High bay - T10C Linear High Bay

Tomline T10C Linear High Bay

-Extremely energy efficient - up to real 150 lm/w

-Very high Luminous flux - up to 28.000 lm

-Newest generation of Refond 1w EMC3030 chips

-Improved heat dissipation performance

-Perfectly suitable for industrial use due to IP65

-Long lifetime due to high quality LED chips and drivers

-No UV or IR and completely mercury free

-10 years or 5 years warranty

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Description Parameter
  Tomline & Cleanline Linear High Bay

Product Video

This new version of the T10 comes with some improvements. The housing was specially designed to provide a much larger surface area for heat dissipation. Compared to the previous model it now has almost twice the cooling power while maintaining the same weight and shape. The new generation of 1w EMC3030 LED chips provide an immense light output and maximum efficiency. This extremely robust industrial light is available with two driver choices: The proven and extremely stable TOMCARLINE drivers and the well-known MEANWELL ELG driver series. Both versions can be used in all areas where an IP grade up to IP65 is needed. Thanks to the large IK10 rated polycarbonate the illumines distribution is perfectly homogeneous.


-Optional Mean well driver available

-CRI 80 Ra available upon request

-1-10V dimmable and DALI available

-Microwave motion sensor available

-Optional emergency power supply

-Zigbee is available


-American market: UL, cUL, DLC, FCC

-European market: TUV, ENEC, CB, CE(EMC,LVD), RoHS, D-Mark

-Australian market: SAA, RCM

Product Details

Installation Instructions for suspended use

  • 1. Drill two hole with diameter 10mm in the ceiling or wall.

  • 2. Fix the M8 explosion screws in the hole.

  • 3. Hang the rope on explosion screw.In the end of the rope,the length of rope can be adjusted.

  • 4. Connect the fixture to the rope and then connect to the AC power 100-277.

Installation Instructions for Surface mounting

  • 1. Drill two φ10mm holes on the ceiling according to the length of the luminaries.

  • 2. Fix the M8 expansion screw on the ceiling.

  • 3. Put the hanging accessories on the expansion screw and tighten them with a wrench.

  • 4. Use the M3 screw to fix the desired angle and then tighten the nut with a wrench.

  • 5. Connect to power supply AC 100-277V.

Area of application

Factories and warehouses;High rooms and halls;Exhibition & showrooms;Suitable for outdoor use

  • Warehouse

  • Supermarket

  • Factories

  • Sports

  • Sports

Standard lumen(120-130lm/w)
Model Nominal Wattages(W) Nominal Voltage Rated luminous efficacy(lm/w) Nominal luminous flux(lumen) Beam Angle LED Quantity CRI
T10B-60W 60 AC100-277V
120+/-5 7200+/-300 120° 84*1w EMC3030 >70Ra
T10B-100W 100 120+/-5 12000+/-600 147*1w EMC3030
T10B-120W 120 120+/-5 14200+/-600 189*1w EMC3030
T10B-150W 150 120+/-5 17500+/-750 189*1w EMC3030
T10B-180W 180 120+/-5 22000+/-900 252*1w EMC3030
T10B-200W 200 120+/-5 24000+/-1000 252*1w EMC3030
Lemen Plus(140lm-150lm/W)
Model Nominal Wattages(W) Nominal Voltage Rated luminous efficacy(lm/w) Nominal luminous flux(lumen) Beam Angle LED Quantity CRI
T10B-60W 60 AC100-277V
145+/-5 8700+/-300 120° 147*1w EMC3030 >70Ra
T10B-100W 100 145+/-5 14500+/-500 189*1w EMC3030
T10B-120W 120 145+/-5 17000+/-600 252*1w EMC3030
T10B-150W 150 145+/-5 22000+/-900 252*1w EMC3030
T10B-180W 180 145+/-5 26000+/-900 336*1w EMC3030
T10B-200W 200 145+/-5 29500+/-1200 336*1w EMC3030
Electrical datas Photometrical data
Operating frequency 47-63Hz Available light colors Warm white:Natural white;daylight white
Type of current AC 100-277V Availabel color tempetatures 3000K;4000K;5000K;6000K
Power factor λ >0.9 Color rendering index Ra >70.>80 Optional
Efficiency in % >92% Standard deviation of color matching <5
Start time(0.2s/0.5s/… 0.1S UGR(Unified Glare Rating) <27
Warm -up time to 60%(1.5s/2s/…) 0.5S Available beam angles 120°
Standards Certification Temperatures operating conditions
Type of protection IP65 Heatsink temperature -20~+69℃
Tested dielectric strength 3.75KV AC Ambient temperature -30~+50℃
Safety features features Open circuit protection, Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Short circuit protection    
Over voltage protection    
Certificates American market:UL,DLC Premium.CUL    
European market:TUV,GS.CB.CE.D-Mark    
Australian market:SAA,Ctick,RCM    
Energy efficiency class A+ A++    
Lifespan Feature/Capabities and additional product data
Rated nominal life time 50.000 hours Base/Socket Directly wired
Switching cycles 100.000 times Dimmable 1-10v dimmable,DALI dimmable
Lumen maintenanceate.o.l. 70%    
Packing Information
Model Dimension(mm) CTN SIZE(cm) QYT/CTN Net Weight/pcs(kg) Gross Weight/CTN(KG)
T10C-60W 605*135*72 66*28*18 2PCS 3.7 8.8
T10C-100W 605*135*72 66*28*18 2PCS 4.0 9.6
T10C-120W/150w 905*135*72 96*28*18 2PCS 5.0 12
T10C-180W/200w 1205*135*72 126*28*18 2PCS 6.0 14.8

Product Dimension

Light Distribution Curve

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