•   START
    In 2008.06

    Company foundation

    In June 2008, with massive investments in R&D and manufacturing, we started producing our first lighting products

    In 2008.08


    In August 2008 we successfully applied for our first CE, UL and TUV certificates

    In 2009

    Bigger building

    In January we moved into a bigger building giving us the additional space we needed

    In 2010

    Own drivers

    In January 2010 we successfully launched the production of our own driver series

    In 2011

    First EU patents

    In August 2011 we got our first patents for Germany and EU for our Downlights series

    In 2012

    Machinery for the SMD park

    In February 2012 we made some major investments on new machinery for our SMD park

    In 2013

    Linear high bays

    In December2013 we designed the first official linear high bay in the World

    In 2014.04 and 06

    Warehouses and new building

    In March and in June 2014 we established warehouses in Germany and USA

    In 2014.11


    In November 2014 we moved into a much bigger building in a modern industry park

    In 2015.08

    High efficiency and certification

    In August 2015 we majorly improved on our full range power drivers and successfully applied for additional certification

    In 2015.09


    In September 2015 we passed the ISO9001:2008 inspection on quality management

    In 2016


    In January 2016 we implemented the Lean-Manufacturing-Method giving us a great deal more control over all steps during the production

    In 2017

    Automatic equipment enhancement

    We invested more than 4 million RMB ($590K) to upgrade automated test equipment for our power driver production which greatly improved overall-efficiency on all of our High Bay production lines

  • 2018
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